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Bitchslap! A truly Bizarre event comes to Bethnal Green

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Tucked away in a tiny converted art gallery off a dodgy side road in Bethnal Green with naught a sign announcing its existence, a latex clad DJ spins everything from alternative metal to classic Velvet Underground tracks. Entertainment for the night includes rope bondage, strippers, and photographers snapping away as partygoers pose in their PVC and fishnet-heavy ensembles. No, this is not your typical friday night fetish party. It’s Bitchslap! a new monthly event hosted by Bizarre Mag, UK’s biggest alternative read. Although the venue is small and you get the sense many of the guests in attendance are only there to be snapped for the party pictures (just like your standard Mayfair club), the music is excellent, the alcohol is cheap, and there’s no beating the price (free with a £4.15 copy of Bizarre Mag). Beats paying £20 for entry for a night out in Kensington, and the fire swallowing and suspension rope bondage kept me interested for a couple of hours until the mood died down. Then, I headed up north to Kings Cross with a friend to a proper old school warehouse rave, where the measly £5 entrance fee went to (what else?) an art benefit, as befits an event where breakfast food litters the bar and drinks are served out of a plastic tumbler. Forget the transvestite DJ’s–this party was all about the synth pop and strobe lighting. The best of both worlds for under a tenner, indeed.

Bitchslap! Is hosted monthly at Resistance Gallery
Street: 265 Poyser Street, E2 9RF (nearest Tube, Bethnal Green)

Model Mayhem! Or my new non 9-5…

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Once again, my employment has shifted.
Fed up with the late hours, the drunken bankers, and the small matter of being fired from my favorite bar after being accused of drugs … (The real story? A tequila rival was shagging a manager and wanted my place. Not the first time these things happen, but still.) I don’t miss the forced smiles or bruised hipbones (YOU try wearing that belt for hours), but after the first couple of weeks of unemployed bliss (Free weekends! Proper nights out! Dramatic decline of illness!) had passed, I realized there was one thing I really, really missed about my old job: The money.
    Well, it’s why everyone works right? It’s not like any of us actually ENJOY being in an office, or in my case, a bar. But still. I was flying high till week 3. I had a bag of cash saved up, a lover visiting me for crazy weekend events ranging from Alice in Wonderland to Japanese  rope bondage ceremonies (don’t ask…), and a steadily increasing supply of corsets. (Due to the magic of eBay. Who knew you could score a steel underbust for £30?) And then the money ran out.
    It’s not that I’m high maintenance. It’s just that I appreciate the finer things in life…espresso martinis over cider, balls and themed events over seedy nightclubs. I just want to lounge about in pretty things and read classic novels and write meaningful articles and have days of tea and cupcakes and nights of cocktails, dancing, and enlightening conversation. Does this make me a cliche? Or am I just a dreamer clinging to the lost days of decadence?
    At least I’m not alone–London has various stores, events and institutions for fellow sensualists like me. The Last Tuesday Society, formed in 1870 and still going strong today, is devoted to “furthering the esoteric, literary and artistic aspects of life in London and beyond.” They play host to a variety of masqued dances and flings, workshops and lectures for the pleasure minded, and always have a host of fabulous people, dressed to impress. Not to mention the vampire and gothic meetups, where the darkly seductive patrons gather to chat over red wine and prohibition tea, or dance to the alternative rock playing in the background. There are Lolita tea parties, gallery openings, burlesque performances. Creatives come from all over the world to cluster in this city where everyone travels underneath the ground to ascend to life or work, or, possibly, the next adventure. Everyone has a history, a story, an opinion. There are protests on the streets, beggars, promises of desire and fame at every turn. How easy it is to get swept up in it all.
    I needed money, but couldn’t go back to minimum wage after being spoiled by boozy previous earnings, and even though I still did club promotion (read: leafleting around London), it wasn’t paying much. And then I discovered modeling.
Well, who wouldn’t love a job where you were paid for lounging around mansions and studios in gorgeous lingerie, having photographers capturing every feeling and expression you fed to the camera while complimenting your pose, your style? Of course, it sometimes meant awakening at ridiculous hours and traveling via train, and waiting hours before being fed (if we were fed at all). It can be hard work, but hey, it’s better than a bar job. And who doesn’t love receiving gorgeously edited images of themselves?
   The problem is finding paid work…but once you build up a good portfolio, the jobs do come in. Just today I was offered £80 for a couple of hours up in Wimbledon. I have a £60 for two-three hours locally in May, and £100 for a four- hour shoot later that month. No, it’s not supermodel salary, but considering the hours and me just starting out in the industry and unsigned as of yet, it’s a good start.
   And I have had my eye on a black ballroom skirt for the May Masqued Ball…
Yours in love and madness, Alison xx

Under Construction

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This blog is Under Constuction untill I can find my muse and a new niche to write about again.

More soon…