Bitchslap! A truly Bizarre event comes to Bethnal Green


Tucked away in a tiny converted art gallery off a dodgy side road in Bethnal Green with naught a sign announcing its existence, a latex clad DJ spins everything from alternative metal to classic Velvet Underground tracks. Entertainment for the night includes rope bondage, strippers, and photographers snapping away as partygoers pose in their PVC and fishnet-heavy ensembles. No, this is not your typical friday night fetish party. It’s Bitchslap! a new monthly event hosted by Bizarre Mag, UK’s biggest alternative read. Although the venue is small and you get the sense many of the guests in attendance are only there to be snapped for the party pictures (just like your standard Mayfair club), the music is excellent, the alcohol is cheap, and there’s no beating the price (free with a £4.15 copy of Bizarre Mag). Beats paying £20 for entry for a night out in Kensington, and the fire swallowing and suspension rope bondage kept me interested for a couple of hours until the mood died down. Then, I headed up north to Kings Cross with a friend to a proper old school warehouse rave, where the measly £5 entrance fee went to (what else?) an art benefit, as befits an event where breakfast food litters the bar and drinks are served out of a plastic tumbler. Forget the transvestite DJ’s–this party was all about the synth pop and strobe lighting. The best of both worlds for under a tenner, indeed.

Bitchslap! Is hosted monthly at Resistance Gallery
Street: 265 Poyser Street, E2 9RF (nearest Tube, Bethnal Green)


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