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A Torture Gardens Summer

Posted in Uncategorized on August 3, 2010 by alisonadventures

Warm air, Jacuzzis, a dance floor and a dungeon…just another Torture Gardens event at their new venue at The Dex.

So Alison returns to the wonderland of London after a three-week hiatus in Florida, and, it must be said, I was itching to be back. Sure, mosquito-laden beaches and massive, soul-sucking consumerist paradises known as the shopping mall might be heaven to some. But this corset-loving, PVC-wearing, parasol-toting gal simply couldn’t stand a place without easy access to cocktails, galleries, cabaret, and events nearly every night of the week. So I couldn’t wait to book tickets to London’s largest fetish club the week after my return.

Having attended a variety of fetish clubs, TG always stands out. Set in the opulent Mass or extravagant SeOne beneath London Bridge, with dance floors, large dungeons and couples areas, live performances and even fashion shows, a Torture Gardens night out will always be one to remember. That said, I often prefer the smaller fetish clubs such as Subversion, Decadence and Antichrist. While TG scores big time in the show department, it often lacks the friendliness and more intimate vibe Subversion has to offer.

Not the case in the summer ball. The smaller and less crowded Dex felt as personal as a smaller club while still retaining that trademark TG experience. Although the Jacuzzi remained sadly unoccupied throughout the event, the outdoor dungeon was an innovative and fun way to enjoy watching, offering and receiving a good spanking. A well stocked bar and grill added to the atmosphere, and the dance floor was just the right amount of happening without being too over-crowded. I had a blast pole dancing with a lovely trannie while a gorgeous redhed in a fishnet body stocking  joined in on the action.

But while barbeques and dancing help liven up any evening, lets not forget the S&M TG Is all about. Hotel-style bedrooms lined the inside of the Dex, where clips of Betty Page and other burlesque stars played as couples got frisky. Each room had its own en suite bathroom, another nice touch and a great way to avoid club toilet queues. Torture equipment was also available in some of the suites, and my new partner had a great time learning the proper ways of the whip from a professional Dom.

The hours passed easily as the activities on offer never failed to entertain, the only real downside being the standard fetish creepers who will try and touch before acting. Annoying but usual. Anyone fetishists reading this, yes it is fine to offer a lady or gent a foot massage or other erotic service. No, it is not fine to just grab whilst the person in question is busy getting intimate with another. Even kinksters deserve respect.

All in all, the evening was a success, and I will definitely recommend Torture Gardens summer events for the future. My partner learned the art of mixing pain with pleasure, I seduced gorgeous Eastern European and Asian ladies, and my sailor friend pulled an attractive masculine male sub who just so happened to enjoy Polo matches and Ascot racing as well as a good beating with her riding crop. Aye aye, captain!

To purchase tickets to Torture Gardens Next Event:

T: +44 (0)20 7613 4733 (11am – 7pm)

F: +44 (0)20 7729 7652