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The Tiger and the Lighthouse

Posted in Uncategorized on July 25, 2011 by alisonadventures

Why must I be drawn to you,

like a fly to a lantern?


Spreading its wings to face the sun

Being burned by the hot hard glass,

Wings disintegrating into dust.


You are my false promise , my shining beacon.

Gazing for weeks at the Lighthouses beam,

Journeying past the roads un travelled.


Using my ax, I slice through the bushes

Chop down the fir tress


Slay the lions and free the tigress

Who always lurks, ever waiting, in the shadows of my subconscious.

With my body, I free her, releasing the silver bands, the prison bars.

The beastess in me.


Wild, raring, I race down the stony path.

I ignore the bristly chimps

Baring their blood-stained teeth in a menacing grin.

They cant wait to receive me

In their mouths.


Past the lone gray wolf

Emaciated, matted silver fur.

Look of death in his eyes.


The canary shrieks a song of destruction.

Out of apocalypse comes rebirth, join the fire and spark blaze burn!


Still, I run faster.


Widow Spider needs a home.

She needs a victim to trap

Into her web.


Only once her intended has been seduced

By the swirling threads of  deception and lust

Can she complete her beautiful prison.


She looks at me, eight feet clicking as her red eyes glow

She craves the norishment in my bones

Can feel it absorbing into her shell.

She wants me.


But on and on I run.


Until the lighthouses beam receives me.


Ah the light!

The serene fortress of that gleaming, much sought tower

pales in comparison to that brilliant, blinding golden light.


Panting, I race on all fours into the polished wooden doorway.


Only to find the inside deserted.


As light fills the windows surrounding the tower,

your essence has evaporated with the morning dew.

floating like particles of sunlight, just out of my grasp.


Outside I walk


Dejected. Abandoned.



Tail slung low between my legs.









The silver bars of my cell  have been traded for a new, metallic iron cage in my mind.

Confronted by this new mental jail, I once again begin to pace.


But there is no lighthouse, no sun on the horizon, no moon to light my way back into the forest.


All is as black as the empty lighthouse.


I am caught in the thick brambled bushes

Blood leaking out of my sides.

Why bother fighting any more?

You have left me.


The canary wails a new ballad

Vanity. Greed. Selfishness. Isolation. 


What a fool you have been!


The chimps run away with my ax

Laughing as they tear off strips of striped flesh greedily

Feeding off of my agony.


And Widow Spider begins to weave.