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Club AntiChrist March Madness

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March Madness at Club AntiChrist

March 4 Cyber Sci Fi at Club Antichrist

Club AntiChrist has long been one of my favorite fet clubs on the scene. More intimate than the increasing masses who are unfortunately polluting TG (That’s Torture Gardens for the uninitiated) more frequently with each ball, yet with a surplus of entertainment that some of the smaller, “play-geared” events such as Subversion and Decadence lack. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love being strapped down and spanked as much as the next kinkster, and being taught how to properly use a whip on a male piggy slave from a gorgeous Russian Dom in rubber turned out to be one of the highlights of the evening. However, I also love a good dance, great music, and twisted shows worth talking about for weeks after the event.

AntiChrist truly caters to all the senses. Club owners are Dominic Void, frontman for the industrial-goth band Avoidance of Doubt, and Missy, an ex-stripper and alternative model and dancer. “Run by and for the scene” is the website’s mantra, and it really does live up to the saying. Wandering into the first room with one of my best kinky-yet-vanilla friends and part-time slave on a leash, the performances are already in full swing. The Whores are rocking and we are buzzing, getting in the mood to party. Next up is the fabulously bizarre AMF Corsets, with a riveting performance involving bondage, granny strippers, cyber masks and latex galore. Other acts dominate the stage throughout the night, including pop-punk singer Kiria and her band of rubber sluts, and Sophia Landi, whose fire eating spectacle captivated audience members and made me envy her skills with the flame. Cooking be damned! I’d rather swallow fire any day.

Of course, being the obvious camera whore I am, it wasn’t long before me and my and partners made a bee line straight for the Photo Booth. Some of my best fet club moments of months passed have been detailed in the fabulously wacky sets and props set out by the Photo Booth! Out of Order team, and tonight was no exception. We posed and pranced with our new lovely friends that we’d collected at the bar (wonderful people who recognized me as “the insanely hot vampire on the Peaches Geldof Show”…but that’s another story for another day). The set this time was a black-and-white checkerboard, a rocking horse, and a broken TV set, and the resulting image consisted of a PVC French maid, a sci-fi queen, a topless sci-fi slut, and one Avatar straight off the silver screen. Perfect.

The drinks were cheap, the music was rocking, and there were enough jagerbombs and tequila shots going around to keep everyone hyped. One of the best things about the fet scene is running into familiar faces from past events, and I love catching up and chatting to my “scene friends”. Especially when they’re buying the shots! Some bad news that night, however, when I learned the gorgeous Singaporean lady in red latex with whom I had a brief but notable fling at a past Festival of Sins (on my first date with The Boyfriend, no less!) had sadly returned overseas. Ah, well. Better to have lusted and lost…

Next up was the dungeon, where me and my not-so-vanilla mate practiced the art of the paddle. Tactfully turning down couples room invites (why oh why must long-distance relationships have to result in, well, so much distance?) we headed to the chill out room when plagued with those inevitable 3 am munchies. Luckily, AC provides free sweeties all night long, as well as selling yummy fried delicacies such as egg rolls and curry to soak up some of that ever-flowing alcohol. Which was, of course, fully taken advantage of before venturing out into the cold in search of that elusive night bus home.

Fire? Music? Whips? FREE CANDY? Yup, AntiChrist is my kinda club.

Next event is the very first Miss Alternative UK, a competition of alternative performers. I just wish I’d found out sooner and could have gotten that vampire burlesque routine into gear…

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